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Following Arrest of Armed Man, Israel Says Iran Tried to Kill Israeli Businesspeople in Cyprus

Israel on Monday said Iran was behind a foiled plan to assassinate Israeli businesspeople in Cyprus. It was revealed Sunday that Cypriot authorities had arrested an armed man on the Mediterranean island. Initial reports said he was involved in a criminally motivated plot to kill Israeli billionaire businessman Teddy Sagi. But on Monday, Matan Sidi, spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, said in a statement, “This was a terrorist incident directed by Iran against Israeli businesspeople living in Cyprus.” Earlier on Monday, Cypriot police chief Stelios Papatheodorou said, “A person has been arrested; in whose possession, a pistol and cartridges were found.” He added, “It is a sensitive case, which is why a remand request was held behind closed doors.” According to Cypriot media reports, the man was arrested on September 27 in the capital, Nicosia, after crossing a checkpoint from the Turkish-controlled north to the south of the divided island. In addition to the weapon and ammunition, a silencer was reportedly found in his car. He has not been charged and the Iranian Embassy in Nicosia has not commented on the case.