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Freeze on CIA Aid to Syrian Rebels Not Related to Trump Takeover

The cessation of aid for Syrian rebels that is coordinated and determined by the CIA is apparently one of those rare occurrences not being blamed on the new American administration. Reports from Syria indicate virtually all forms of assistance to rebels being filtered by the CIA have halted, from weapons and ammunition to anti-tank rockets to salaries and training. The belief is that the cut-off is because the tide has turned and the CIA fears weapons will inevitably fall into the hands of the Syrian army and its proxy fighters from the Lebanon-based, Iranian-backed Hizbullah terrorist organization. Since the civil war began six years ago, the United States has been concerned about the vetting process because separating rebels who deserve assistance from terrorist networks the same groups would, under other circumstances, be fighting alongside of, is daunting at best. There has always been a degree of what is called “leakage,” the weapons making their way via sale or theft or confiscation on the field of battle to ISIS, Jabhat Fatah Al-Sham and other small groups.