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French Experts Accuse Government of Anti-Jewish Bias in Special Tax Unit

French tax experts are expressing shock at the revelation of a special tax unit aimed solely at French Jews and Jews who have immigrated to Israel. Saying the creation of a special unit aimed at a specific religion is virtually unheard of, Globes economic newspaper quoted tax attorney Itay Bracha as saying, “The measure is an extremely irregular and rare one, in which a tax authority in a foreign country is setting up a special division to handle Jews, and recruiting an exceptionally large number of employees for it.” According to Bracha, there is no parallel to the French unit “anywhere in the world.” Another French tax expert added that, “it ostensibly involves enforcement on the basis of wealth concentration and economic rationale, the focus on the Jewish community in France has the bad odor of national or political motives.” Some have cautioned against a conclusion that the French government has launched some sort of nefarious agency with anti-Semitic overtones. Rather, they argue, the unit is consistent with efforts many nations have launched to recover unreported capital.

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