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Futility as Palestinians Turn to Sending Kites with Burning Payloads into Israel

Palestinian protesters who have little to show for five weeks of demonstrations along the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip turned to a new tactic over the weekend: simple kites. On the sixth consecutive Sunday using the kites, the Palestinians were able to send an incendiary load over Israeli territory in a failed effort to set fires. On the ground, slingshot-wielding youth were able to disable a pair of Israeli Army drones that are used for surveillance. The Israelis, for their part, brought down one drone when its Israeli counterpart disable it. The air force later took to the skies and pounded a Hamas position in the northern Gaza Strip in retaliation for a day of tit-for-tat drone battles above the Gaza Strip. Week number 6 brought a reported 10,000 to the site of the demonstration, the final week before a reported attempt at making a mass border infiltration aimed at placing the Israelis in a no-win situation: how to prevent the mass infiltration without creating a blood bath.