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Gaza Tensions Erupt after Hamas Drone Targets IDF Vehicle

Tensions along the Gaza Strip border again erupted this weekend, with Hamas on Saturday targeting an Israel Defense Forces vehicle using an explosive-laden drone. While no Israeli soldiers were wounded in the attack, the IDF responded later that night with a series of strikes against Hamas assets in the Palestinian enclave. The exchange, in turn, came after the IDF on Friday struck several terrorist positions in Gaza in retaliation to the firing of five rockets toward southern Israeli communities. Earlier Friday, some 6,500 Palestinians rioted along the security fence in the latest weekly installment of the Hamas-directed “March of Return” protests. Following the flare-ups, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu issued a statement reiterating that Israel holds Hamas “responsible for all aggression emanating from the Gaza Strip. Any attempt to harm our citizens and our soldiers will be met with a forceful response,” he said.