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Gazan Protest against Hamas after Boy Dies in Fire Caused by Fuel-Shortage

In a sight not often seen in the Gaza Strip, hundreds of residents took to the streets to demonstrate against Hamas rule after a young boy died in a fire believed to have been caused by the fuel shortage. During an interruption of power, a candle in the boy’s home triggered the fire that killed him and left his young sister with severe burns. Residents of the Bureij refugee camp blame Hamas for its inability to provide an adequate source of electricity, while Hamas blames Egypt for not allowing enough fuel to enter Gaza; and Israel for its blockade, in place since Hamas took control in 2007. Most Gaza homes receive electricity for not more than six hours each day. The boy who died was at least the sixth child to die in a power-outage-related fire this year. Demonstrators calling for Gaza and the West Bank to be unified also took to the streets on Tuesday before being dispersed by police. Meanwhile, the Hamas government has banned the import of Israeli fruit with the exception of bananas and apples. At least 50% of fruit that normally comes in will be affected, to the opposition of local fruit traders.