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Hamas and Iran Kiss and Make-Up

Iran has brought another Islamist terrorist entity back into the fold by virtue of its rapprochement with Hamas. The falling out resulted from Hamas’ refusal to back Syrian dictator and Tehran client President Bashar Al-Assad in the six-year old Syrian civil war. The spat was costly to the Gaza Strip-based group, with what had been lucrative monthly stipends reportedly drying up. But after reuniting, the new Hamas leader, Yehya Al-Sinwar, told reporters that, “Iran is the largest supporter of [the Hamas armed fighters] with money and arms.” He said that the return to Iran’s good graces “will be reflected in the resistance [fighting Israel].” The Iran-Hamas rapprochement comes amid what appears to be an Iranian spending spree to benefit terrorism. Both Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Lebanese President Saad Hariri have warned of Iranian plans to build missile production factories on the Lebanese coast and in the Beqqa Valley in order to supply Tehran surrogate Hizbullah with new weapons. Many observers are questioning a possible link to the massive cash payments Iran received from the previous US administration as part of the nuclear agreement with the US and Western powers as critics of the deal had warned.