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Hard Data on 3rd COVID Vaccine Shot: Promising, Not Earth-Shattering

Opponents to administering a third anti-COVID-19 vaccine dose who have argued the absence of hard data as a reason for not taking the shot now have some real-time documentation to ponder. On Sunday, Israel’s Health Ministry released parts of its research obtained while administering the third jab. Israel was the first country to launch a nationwide campaign to vaccinate citizens 60 years of age and up and, to date, has inoculated 1.3 million people. The study found that for the 60+ age group, 10 days after receiving the third jab, protection from infection was four times higher than after two doses. Also, at 10 days following receipt of the shot, protection against serious illness and hospitalization was five to six times greater than without taking the third-shot booster. Israel has now lowered the age for a third dose to 40, although teachers, health care workers and pregnant women below that age are allowed to take the third shot.