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Hariri Hopeful Humdrum Helpers Heal Historically Hurting Homeland 

Lebanon’s months-long political quandary may finally be nearing its end, after Prime Minister-designate Saad al-Hariri on Wednesday presented President Michel Aoun with his proposal for the country’s new cabinet which, if approved and sworn in, may allow the battered nation to climb out of its historical financial crisis. Hariri promised his list of ministers consisted only of “non-partisan experts” and professionals, and said he was “optimistic” of its chances. Ever since the massive August explosion that demolished the capital Beirut and the subsequent resignation of the government, Lebanon has been mired in political wrangling and upheavals, with no new government being formed and no crucial economic reforms passed. A foreign bailout effort, spearheaded by former colonial ruler France, has been sidelined until a coherent, stable government is established. The devastating blast, along with the global pandemic, have compounded Lebanon’s already dire state, as the collapse of its currency and years of political bickering led the nation to one of its worst crises in history.