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Hizbullah Angry Over Egyptian F.M.’s Allegations About Lebanon War

A suggestion by Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmad Abu Gheit that Hizbullah leader, Sheikh Hassan Na’srallah, may have started this summer’s war with Israel in order to justify the group’s continued military existence have evoked an angry "no response" from Hizbullah. The Beirut-based newspaper Daily Star reported that the belief in Arab circles is that prior to the 34-day war, plans were underway for the implementation of the Taif Accord, which includes the "disarming of all militias in the country." The official Egyptian news agency quoted Abu Gheit as saying, "Perhaps [Na’srallah] wanted to find a way out of the situation." The Hizbullah-Egypt tiff is the second between the terrorist group and a major Arab nation. Hizbullah was infuriated when Jordan’s King Abdallah II suggested that the capture of two Israeli soldiers, the act that triggered the war, was "an adventure."