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Hizbullah Kills 2 Israeli Soldiers Lebanese Border; Search On For Tunnels

Calling it retaliation for an Israeli air strike on the Golan Heights that killed several Hizbullah operatives and an Iranian general eleven days ago, Hizbullah launched an attack on an Israeli military convoy on Wednesday, firing five anti-tank missiles and killing two soldiers and wounding seven others. Soldiers riding in a second vehicle were evacuated by an alert officer seconds before it took a direct hit. The incident touched off controversy when it was learned that despite a high-alert in the area and the expected retaliation by Hizbullah, the dead soldiers were riding in unarmored vehicles. A military source said the incident, which is under investigation, happened as far as a mile from the border and that the missiles were apparently fired at the convoy from a distance of as much as 3 miles. Hizbullah chief Sheikh Nasrallah reportedly sent a message to Israel through United Nations peacekeepers saying that he had no interest in escalating the conflict and that the attack was an “eye-for-an-eye” after the January 18 Israeli strike. Only one day before, two rockets were fired into Israel on the Golan Heights prompting an Israeli attack on a Syrian army artillery position. Hizbullah fights alongside Syrian regime forces in its battle against rebel fighters. Meanwhile, the Israeli army is searching for terror tunnels dug by Hizbullah along the northern front.