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Hizbullah Opens “Theme Park” Glorifying War Against Israel

Hizbullah has opened a theme park glorifying its battles against Israel on a mountaintop in southern Lebanon. The launch of the tourist site was timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Israel’s unilateral pullout from Lebanon, for which Hizbullah claims credit. The site itself – at Mlita, about 20 miles north of the Israel-Lebanon border — was a secret underground Hizbullah base during the years Israeli troops patrolled southern Lebanon. Wrecks of Israeli tanks and artillery pieces; and rusting soldiers’ helmets form the centerpiece of the surface exhibit. Also on display are weapons made by the former Soviet Union that Hizbullah used against Israel, including anti-tank missiles and rockets. Visitors are able to move underground to tour what was once a secret underground bunker complex with its operations room — complete with maps –- displayed under glass.