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Hizbullah Takes on Operation Role in Syria: Washington Post

Iranian proxy Hizbullah, the Lebanon-based terrorist organization, has expanded its presence in the Syrian civil war to what the Washington Post reported is now “an operational role.” The story, appearing on Thursday, cites American and Lebanese government officials as confirming the increase in support for Hizbullah, with Beirut-based officials confirming that Hizbullah has sent fighters to the front. One was quoted as saying that, “They’ve been quite involved in a combat role, quite involved in fighting.” The Post also reported that funerals for Hizbullah fighters who died in Syria were held in Lebanese villages where families were warned not to discuss their losses. The American officials’ reluctance to confirm Hizbullah’s active combat role is not surprising given the fact that both administration and lawmakers on Capitol Hill avoid the issue of whether US law permits aid to Lebanon given the majority influence of Hizbullah on the Lebanese government. While the argument is frequently made that if Hamas, as an entity listed on the State Department list of terrorist organizations, enters a Palestinian unity government it stands to lose American support, the same argument applies to Hizbullah’s presence in the Lebanese government. While the Hamas example is a future possibility, Hizbullah already controls 21 of 30 cabinet seats in the Beirut government. The publicity surrounding word of Hizbullah’s combat role in Syria should be expected to raise the aid question as it highlights the terrorist organizations’ role as Iranian proxy.