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It’s not too late to demonstrate your support for The Media Line with a holiday gift that’s tax deductible. As 2020 draws near, it would be good to know that those much-enjoyed services provided at no cost will remain as free services for another year.

The Media Line is proud of its record of success in mentoring tomorrow’s journalists. That success can be traced to our readers’ generous contribution to The Media Line Press and Policy Student Program.

We don’t have to tell you how much a part of so many readers the Mideast Daily News distribution is to its subscribers – but we can tell you how gratified we were to hear from so many on Capitol Hill that our daily news blast is a valued source of reliable and trusted information for our elected officials on all sides.

So, we’re making our annual ask:  Please, don’t forget to include The Media Line Ltd. In your annual giving.  And remember us as great dedicable gifts in honor of or in memory of loved ones.

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Happy Holidays!!!