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Houthis Initially Cool to Saudi Cease-Fire Offer

A new truce offered by Saudi Arabia to the Iranian-backed Houthis received a tepid response. The proposal included a cease-fire throughout the affected areas and reopening of air and sea channels. The Saudi plan included steps the Houthis would take, such as allowing food and fuel to pass through Sanaa Airport and Hodeidah port. As expected, the Yemeni government, the Saudi ally, responded enthusiastically to the proposed peace deal, while the Houthis responded coolly, saying the draft had nothing new to offer. Rather than allow limited passage through the airport and seaport, the Houthis are demanding a complete lifting of the coalition blockade. Meanwhile, there also is the matter of more than a dozen ships that have been seized by coalition forces that the Houthis want freed. While the cease-fire was being considered on Monday, coalition forces launched multiple strikes on what they claimed were Houthi assets, such as a grain depository north of Hodeidah and a drone assembly facility.