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IAEA Reports Iran Ramping Up Enrichment Activities

A report compiled earlier this week by the United Nations nuclear watchdog, and revealed by Reuters on Tuesday shows Iran significantly increasing its uranium enrichment efforts, installing additional and improved centrifuges, and expanding its operations in two separate nuclear facilities. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, Tehran has in recent days ramped up its activity in both the Natanz and Fordow nuclear sites, deepening its breach of the 2015 deal while failing to notify the agency. Washington, meanwhile, seemed to react rather coolly on Tuesday to an apparent concession by Iran’s foreign minister, who offered a mechanism by which his country would rejoin the abandoned nuclear pact before the US does. “We haven’t … had any discussions with the Iranians,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said, adding that President Joe Biden will first consult with his allies in the region before engaging directly with Tehran or entertaining “any sort of proposal.” Iran on Tuesday also released the 19-man crew of the South Korean vessel it detained last month, part of its efforts to obtain the $7 billion of Iranian funds frozen by Seoul due to US economic sanctions