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IAEA Urges Iran to Explain Uranium Particles at Site Exposed by Israel

The International Atomic Energy Agency has called on Iran to account for the presence of uranium particles found at a secret site exposed by Israel. A report by the UN nuclear watchdog confirmed that inspectors had “detected natural uranium particles of anthropogenic origin at a location in Iran not declared to the agency.” The IAEA added that it would dispatch a technical delegation to Tehran within two weeks to discuss the matter. While the UN body has not specifically named the location in question, it is widely believed to be a warehouse in the Turquzabad district of the Iranian capital. In April, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu revealed that sometime during the previous year, the Mossad had smuggled out of Iran thousands of documents stored at the facility that allegedly confirmed the past military dimensions of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. In this respect, the US ambassador to the IAEA called the matter “profoundly concerning,” adding that Iran’s “failure to sufficiently address this issue for close to a year is wholly unacceptable.” For its part, Jerusalem has accused the IAEA of dragging its feet after materials recovered from the Iranian nuclear archive were shared with the organization.