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IDF on High Alert for ‘Inevitable’ Hizbullah Attack

The Israel Defense Forces on Sunday reportedly fired numerous artillery shells toward the contested Sheeba farms along the border with Lebanon. It comes as the military further reinforced positions in the North and remained on high alert after Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah warned of an “inevitable” attack. Nasrallah’s threat follows last month’s major IDF operation in Syria to thwart an Iranian attempt to target the Jewish state with “killer drones.” Israel also allegedly struck Hizbullah assets in Beirut. In anticipation of a possible flare-up, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu vowed to do “everything to preserve Israel’s security from all directions,” adding that, “to my sorrow, [this] also [includes conducting missions] in Iraq against Iran.” It was the first time that the Israeli premier confirmed allegations that Israel has been carrying out strikes in Iraq to prevent Tehran from transferring advanced weaponry to its Shiite proxies in the country. Meanwhile, Israel’s foreign minister sent a not-so-subtle message to the Lebanese government, cautioning that Nasrallah would be remembered “as the destroyer of Lebanon” if Hizbullah opens up a war front along the shared frontier. According to defense sources, Hizbullah plans to limit any military response so as not to initiate the outbreak of a wider conflict.