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Increased Tensions on Border Between Israel and Lebanon

Hizbullah ratched up the rhetoric against Israel today, a day after the organization confirmed that Israel was behind an air strike Monday night that allegedly targeted long-range missiles. Ibrahim Al-Amin, the editor of the pro-Israeli newspaper Al-Akhbar said that “the Israeli enemy has not been forgotten” despite Hizbullah’s involvement in Syria.

While Israeli officials have still not confirmed that the Jewish state was behind the air strikes, TIME magazine quoted an unnamed Israeli security official as confirming it, and Israel has reportedly carried out six similar attacks last year. Hizbullah has threatened to avenge the attack, but some Israeli analysts speculated that Hizbullah is too preoccupied with fighting along with the Syrian regime of Bashar Al-Assad to try to attack Israel or Israeli interests abroad.

Al-Amin said that Hizbullah’s announcement of the attack, which is a change from how the organization has responded in the past, was meant to “thwart the celebratory in Israel in the wake of the strike.”

Israel stepped up security on its northern border, fearing a possible Hizbullah reprisal.