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India, Saudi, Pakistan, UK Need to Better Watch Backs

[Friday Analysis] Some India leaders believe the terrorists responsible for the outrages in Mumbai hailed from the United Kingdom and were of Pakistani origin. Their sponsor is thought to have been an Indian businessman living in Saudi Arabia, who has been under intelligence surveillance for a year. The terrorists seemingly seized a boat in Pakistani waters to bring them close to the Indian shore. If all this is credible information, it merely seeks to reinforce the notion that multiple nations are failing in their efforts to crack down on terrorism, and particular that which has its roots in the Middle East. The British government is taking a ‘softly softly’ approach to its Muslim community. Ministers are quick to point out that most Muslims in the UK are decent, law-abiding citizens. While that is true, questions must be asked about the level of intelligence within the country. British citizens pop up around the Middle East, launching terror attacks and fighting with Islamist forces against local and Western armies. India and Pakistan are clearly failing to tackle radicalism in their countries. Both are clearly aware of the crisis, but neither is too ready to admit to this in public – always blaming another country for being the root of the problem. The Saudis are, on the face of it, doing what they can – making waves of arrests on a regular basis – but if it proves to be the case that a Saudi-based businessman funded the Mumbai attacks, then Riyadh must begin seriously cracking down, not just on the foot soldiers but also on the masterminds.