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India Warns of Potential Attacks on Israeli, Jewish Targets

India has warned that terrorists are planning to attack Israeli and Jewish targets in the country, placing diplomatic missions and synagogues on high alert while reinforcing security in and around them. This comes just weeks after New Delhi informed Jerusalem of a similar plot ahead of the Jewish High Holidays. Intelligence cooperation between Israel and India has greatly expanded under the stewardship of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his close counterpart, Narendra Modi. India is a major buyer of Israeli military equipment and technology, as the Hindu-majority nation contends with intermittent flare-ups with its arch-foe, predominantly Muslim Pakistan. In 2008, Pakistan-based terrorists staged a four-day attack in the Indian city of Mumbai, targeting numerous institutions, including a Chabad House operated by a sect of ultra-Orthodox Jews and which many Israeli tourists frequent. The perpetrators killed 174 people, among them the Chabad rabbi and his pregnant wife. An estimated 80,000-plus Israelis travel to India every year in what has become a sort of rite of passage following the completion of a compulsory stint in the army.