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Iranian Agency Reports 300kg Uranium Stockpile Limit has been Reached

Iran’s FARS news agency reported on Monday that the 300 kilogram (660 pounds) limit of the size of the stockpile of enriched uranium agreed to in the nuclear agreement reached with western nations has been surpassed. The announcement marks the first milestone since the United States withdrew from the pact and Tehran said it would begin to ignore its obligations. Since the American pull-out, the European Union has tried tirelessly to replace the U.S., but the Iranians set forth conditions many viewed as impossible in order to do so. The Islamic Republic demands that the EU create a mechanism for carrying out international trade without threat of American sanctions and secure a channel for sale of its oil, also against U.S. sanctions. Exceeding the limit of enriched uranium opens a new chapter in the saga of the Iranian nuclear agreement and what international experts are divided over: whether and when Iran will weaponize its nuclear industry.