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Iran’s Latest Salvo: Plans to Build 10 New Nuclear Installations

Iran broadsided the International Atomic Energy Agency and the western nations trying to negotiate a compromise on the nuclear issue when it announced plans to build ten new “industrial scale” uranium enrichment facilities. The announcement was Iran’s response to a censure by the IAEA and its latest demand that Iran halt its uranium enrichment efforts. Reaction to Tehran’s latest move was typified by British Foreign Minister David Miliband who called it a “provocation” even though he supported Iran’s right to civilian nuclear energy. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said “time is running out for Iran to address the international community’s growing concerns,” but he did not say how much time is left or what happens when time runs out. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was more specific, calling Iran “very vulnerable economically” and advocating “painful sanctions” that would play on that vulnerability. Meanwhile, Russia responded to Iranian charges that it was unreasonably delaying completion of the nuclear plant it’s building at Bushehr by announcing that the facility will be completed “at the earliest possible time.”