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Iran’s Naval Commander: We Are Supreme in Gulf

Iran has complete control over the Gulf, the country’s top naval officer, Rear Admiral ‘Ali-Reza Tangsiri, told the National Persian Gulf conference being held in Bandar Abbas. He cited several cases where he claimed American and British naval forces attempted to gain control of strategic sections of the waterway only to have their plans spoiled by Tehran. He said the recent capture of 15 British sailors was only the latest example of incursions into Iranian waters in the Gulf. "After the second Persian Gulf War, the British and Americans intended to enter Arvand-Rud in the Persian Gulf… In 2002 four US forces along with two Kuwaiti guides entered the area, were arrested, and later released," he added. "In another attempt eight British militants trespassed into Iranian waters with weaponry and surveillance cameras. They were also arrested and later released," he continued.