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ISIS Murders French Priest in Church in Latest Assault on France

France was again the target of Islamic State killers on Tuesday, when ISIS selected a church in the quiet Normandy town of Saint Etienne-du-Rouvray as the scene of its latest horror. According to a nun who was rescued, two ISIS gunmen entered the church during services, made a video of one apparently delivering a sermon in Arabic, and then forced the 86-year old priest to kneel in front of the congregation before slitting his throat. A worshiper was also critically wounded. Police, who arrived quickly but not in time to save the priest, shot and killed the gunmen. In a website posting, ISIS said the attack was another answering its call to target nations fighting with anti-ISIS coalitions in Syria and Iraq. French President Hollande rushed to the scene and called the incident further proof that his nation is “at war” with the Islamic State. One of the two attackers was known to police having tried to join up with ISIS in Syria. The Israeli daily Haaretz reported that the assailant was wearing a monitoring bracelet since that time.