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Israel Blasts “Factually Baseless” Criticism by US, UN and EU — The Quartet

The Israeli government has blasted the United States, United Nations and European Union for condemning Israel’s plans to build new homes in communities located on land conquered in the 1967 war that is claimed by the Palestinians for their state-in-waiting. In particular, the Israelis were angered at criticism of building plans for Jerusalem neighborhoods, all of which are considered certain to remain in Israeli hands in any final settlement. Referring to criticism of plans for new housing starts in the neighborhood of Gilo – called “provocative and counterproductive” by the US State Department — Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon said, “The suggestion that building in Gilo undermines the solution based on two states for two peoples is factually baseless and distracts from the real obstacle to peace – the persistent Palestinian refusal the recognize the Jewish state in any borders.” The above-named parties plus Russia comprise the Quartet, the international entity overseeing the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Last week, it released a report strongly criticizing Israeli building on post-1967 land and at the urging of the United States, criticized the Palestinians for incitement and violence against Israelis that has raged non-stop since October.