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Israel Considers another Bill Evoking Charges of Anti-Democratic Diktats

Another in a series of controversial legislative initiatives dealing with security issues has been submitted to the Israeli parliament that is evoking charges that the government is moving against democratic principles. The bill under consideration, which was spun-off from a comprehensive overhaul of counter-terrorism laws, gives the defense minister the power to order a citizen held without trial; to deny a citizen the right to find employment in areas he/she decides upon; to limit access to places; and “to impose any other order or restricted necessitated by considerations of national security or public safety.” Lawmakers sitting on the Constitution Committee have expressed concern for the “explosive” nature of the bill. Chairman Nissan Slomiansky cautioned that legislators must “seriously consider how we balance protecting national security and the public against the severe injury to human rights.” Legal experts have warned to expect severe international backlash if the bill is enacted.