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Israel Kicks COVID Green Passport Scan Into High Gear

It’s weeks late but, as of Sunday, Israelis seeking to be allowed to enter many venues in the country must first have the QR code on his or her “Green Passport” scanned. The requirement was supposed to have been implemented seventeen days ago but was delayed due to technical difficulties. The computer reading the code will compare information on the pass to the data stored in the Health Ministry’s database to ensure the proper bearer holds the correct pass. As promised, three shots are required unless the inoculations were given less than six months ago or the bearer of the pass recovered less than six months ago.  A temporary Green Pass with a 72-hour limit can be obtained with a negative PCR test.  Meanwhile, the Health Ministry revealed on Sunday that Israel hit a three-month record low in daily coronavirus cases and that, of its new “serious” cases of COVID-19, 90% are unvaccinated.