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In this photo released by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Israeli naval commandos are seen through night-vision gear as they launch a raid against Hizbullah fighters August 5, 2006 in south Lebanon city of Tyre. (Photo by IDF via Getty Images)

Israel Operating From U.S. Military Base In Afghanistan To Spy On Iran

Israeli troops reportedly are using a United States military base in Afghanistan from which to monitor and collect information on Iranian activities throughout the Persian Gulf. The Israeli special forces allegedly are operating with the approval of Kabul out of a U.S. Air Force installation in the western Afghanistan province of Herat located approximately 45 miles from the Iranian border. An Israeli defense expert quoted by the Sputnik news agency claimed Israel also is cooperating militarily with central Asian countries such as Kazajistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to thwart Iran’s expansionism in the region. While it is well-known that the Israel Defense Force has conducted thousands of strikes against Iranian targets in Syria, the army also is covertly working in other nations to prevent the Iranian regime from creating a land corridor stretching from Tehran to Beirut through which to smuggle arms and create forward-operating outposts. One of the primary reasons for training abroad is to simulate the rugged conditions that exist in southern Lebanon, for example, where Israeli troops likely will be deployed in the event of a future war with Hizbullah. The news comes a day after reports claimed the spy agencies of Israel, the United States and Britain earlier this year cooperated in the extraction of an Iranian nuclear scientist from Tehran that subsequently was granted asylum in America in exchange for details on Iran’s nuclear program.

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