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Israel Passes Controversial Law Allowing Removal from Parliament of Anti-State Activists

A controversial law that will allow Israel’s parliament (Knesset) to expel members who incite to racism or support armed struggle against the state has received its final approval. The expulsion law is heralded as an appropriate measure to counter the phenomenon of Arab members of Knesset railing against the very existence of the state and/or supporting those who preach and practice violence against Israelis by the nation’s right-leaning population and condemned as anti-democratic and racist by the left. The combined bloc of Arab parties, the Arab List, has said it would challenge the legislation in the Supreme Court. Under terms of the bill, 70 of the 120 lawmakers including 10 members of opposition parties must sign-on in order to move for the expulsion of an MK while a super-majority of 90 legislators must vote for the action. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said the new law corrects the “absurdity” of allowing “those who support terrorism” from serving in the parliament. One Arab lawmaker called the bill, “apartheid legislation.” Aside from views on the appropriateness of the bill, many have expressed the view that the bill’s high threshold of signers renders it impossible to implement.