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Israel Warns Hamas: Don’t Attack during World Holocaust Forum

As at least 46 delegations from across the world begin arriving in Jerusalem for the World Holocaust Forum, the Israeli government has reportedly conveyed a message to Hamas not to perpetrate any attacks – and to clamp down on other Gaza Strip-based groups that might have an interest in doing so – during the proceedings. Dozens of world leaders and royals, including the presidents of France, Germany and Russia, in addition to US Vice President Mike Pence – will arrive in the Jewish state over the next 36 hours ahead of Thursday’s commemoration, tilted “Remembering the Holocaust: Fighting Anti-Semitism.” The warning was reportedly relayed following the launching of balloon-born explosive devices into Israel, one of which was found undetonated in a city near Jerusalem. According to Israeli media, the military believes that Hamas is behind the devices – though the Palestinian terror group has denied any involvement – which are reportedly meant to show dissatisfaction over the lack of progress in negotiations on forging a long-term cease-fire. Such a truce, currently being mediated by Egypt, Qatar and the United Nations, would entail the complete cessation of hostilities emanating from the Gaza Strip in exchange for the relaxation of a joint Israeli-Egyptian blockade on the enclave. Israel would also reportedly allow the go-ahead of infrastructure projects with a view to alleviating the economic crisis there.