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Israel Warns of Hizbullah Missile Factory

Iranian proxy Hizbullah has constructed in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley a factory to transform rudimentary projectiles into precision-guided missiles. “This facility is of superior importance to the Hizbullah precision-missile project, which is why Hizbullah, in fear of strikes, evacuated precious and unique equipment from the compound to civilian locations in Beirut,” according to an Israel Defense Forces statement. The IDF noted that the weapons manufactured at the compound were capable of striking within 10 meters of their intended targets. Jerusalem has long accused Iran of transferring sensitive technology to Hizbullah in order to upgrade its missile arsenal. The IDF has conducted hundreds of strikes, mainly in Syria, to prevent such an eventuality. Analysts estimate that Hizbullah has amassed over 130,000 rockets, but only possesses a few dozen precision-guided missiles. Last week, Israel reportedly launched a drone attack in the Lebanese capital that targeted an advanced Hizbullah arms facility. Israeli media claimed that the attack set back the terror group’s plan to develop long-range precision missiles by at least a year.