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Israeli Arms Dealer To Be Extradited to US

An Israeli arms dealer who sold fighter jet parts to Iran will be extradited to the US, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled on Sunday. The dealer, whose name was put under a gag order in Israel, was charged in the US with having exported American-made parts to Iran over two separate time periods. In the first case from 2000 to 2004, three American middlemen were involved in the trade, according to the indictment. In the second more recent period from 2012 – 2013, the parts were sent from Israel to Iran via Greece. The parts were intended for F-14 Iranian warplanes. The man is charged with exporting the US-made parts without a permit and breaking US laws that make trade with Iran illegal. In his defense the arms dealer claimed that everything he sold to Iran was junk. The US government submitted an extradition request for the arms dealer in 2014. About a year ago, the Jerusalem District Court upheld his extradition, but he appealed to the Supreme Court, which approved it on Sunday. Israel’s Justice Minister must still approve the court decision. The arms dealer told the court that in Israel, violations of defense export regulations usually result in fines, not criminal charges. The state did not disagree, but said it was trying to turn over a “new leaf” regarding these types of extraditions. The court ruled that the man must have known the parts were destined for Iran because since 2012, the Iranian air force is the only one in the world that still has F-14s in service.