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Israeli Businesses Rebel Against Government Orders

Israeli businesses finally reached their breaking point on Thursday, holding a nationwide “revolt” against government decrees and opening stores and shopping centers in defiance of coronavirus closure ordinances. Thousands of business owners coordinated the desperate move, explaining they were left with no choice in the face of Jerusalem’s failed response to the health and economic crises, and vowing not to pay the massive fines they incurred for their disobedience throughout the day. Israel is currently in the midst of its third total shutdown since the pandemic began, as the UK and South African variants ravaging the country continue to offset the positive effects of the nation’s mass vaccination operation and continued lockdown. Also on Thursday, Israel’s schools were finally (and only partially) reopened after nearly two months, following cabinet members’ Tuesday decision to authorize some grades in some schools in some cities to accept students. Israel’s education system, like its entire workforce, has been shuttered on and off since the virus first hit the Jewish state last March.