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Israeli Gov’t Promises Schools, Businesses on Track to Reopen

Israel on Wednesday registered its lowest positivity rate – 5.4% – for coronavirus testing since early August as the government prepared to lift a total lockdown re-imposed on the nation last month. While no final word has been given (apparently, none will be given before the weekend), it appears that all children under the age of 6 will return to kindergartens and pre-schools on Sunday. Higher grade-levels will remain closed until further benchmarks – not yet agreed upon – are reached. As to restrictions currently shuttering all places of business and banning people from traveling more than half a mile from home, no end is in sight as health officials await further infection figures following a string of Jewish holidays. Despite the significant nationwide dip in new cases, the country’s ultra-Orthodox communities have witnessed a slight yet persistent uptick, as mass prayers and holiday gatherings continued unabated in some locales.