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Israeli Minister Flaunts Decorum, Endorses ‘Trump Policy’ on Election Eve

While most Israeli government officials have attempted to appear neutral in the days leading up to the United States presidential election, Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen on Monday seemed to clearly pick sides between President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Cohen claimed there were at least five more countries willing to join the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan in signing normalization agreements with Israel, but that for that to happen, the next president must “continue the Trump policy.” According to the intelligence minister, a conciliatory attitude toward the Iranian regime, like the one Cohen claimed the Obama Administration had adopted, might lead to the nixing of potential peace deals with Morocco, Qatar, Oman, Niger and Saudi Arabia. While Israeli officials have in recent weeks reiterated their confidence in being able to work splendidly with any American administration, it is believed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition is pulling for a Trump victory, following four years of close coordination between the two heads of government and friendly political gestures.