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Israeli Policeman Shoots and Kills Disabled Palestinian Thought to be Terrorist

A 32-year old Palestinian who attended and worked in a special needs school in Jerusalem’s Old City was shot and killed by an Israeli policeman. According to the Border Police, Eyad Hallaq began running when told to stop by two officers who thought he was carrying a gun and acting suspiciously.  The two took chase after being told by other cops that Hallaq was a terrorist – a judgement later attributed by one officer to the fact that he was “wearing gloves.” The shooting came after a foot chase through the Old City. According to the report, one of the two policemen chasing Hallaq fired in the air while the other, a recent recruit, apparently defied a “don’t shoot” order and opened fire on Hallaq as he hid behind a trash dumpster. An investigation is being conducted by internal affairs while the officer who shot Hallaq remains under house arrest. Demonstrators immediately took to the streets drawing a parallel to the case of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week.