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Israeli Regional Council Comes to Aid of Palestinians Who Aided Jews

Upon hearing that a Palestinian doctor was fired because he came to the aid of an Israeli family ambushed by gunmen, the local administrative body – the Hebron Regional Council – acted to return the gesture in kind. Two Palestinians, one of whom is a physician, provided immediate help to the family of Rabbi Michael Mark, who was killed during the July attack. The pair extricated Marks’ wife and children from the vehicle and protected them from angry Palestinians driving by and shouting because they were assisting Jews. During a tour of the area, Council head Yochai Damri and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said they were appealing to the defense minister to expedite work permits inside of Israel for the Palestinians. Shaked will bring the matter to the United Nations, asking for its assistance in bringing pressure to the Palestinian Authority for allowing the humanitarian act to be a reason for punishing the “heroes.”