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Israelis Concerned by Massive Swing with Loss of Congressman Crowley to Vocal Israel Opponent

Israelis who follow U.S. politics are alarmed by the primary defeat of New York Congressman Joe Crowley, who has been a strong supporter and close friend of the Jewish state for the 19-years he has served in the House, by a political novice who charged Israel with “massacring” Palestinians trying to infiltrate its border. Although President Trump mocked Crowley’s loss, chiding him for “getting his ass kicked,” Israelis and American ex-pats who are concerned with maintaining strong bipartisan support on Capitol Hill for the Jewish state are concerned that 28-year old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a self-described socialist Democrat, is known for little else than her support for Bernie Sanders and her criticism of Israel. Now the Democratic candidate for the House seat in a district that includes parts of Queens and the Bronx, Ocasio-Cortez is the odds-on favorite given the overwhelming numbers of Democrats registered to vote in the general election. Pro-Israel pundits fear that the surprise win – and the strength of the victory – sends a message to a new generation of the party’s candidates that open hostility toward Israel is not a liability. For Palestinians, the results are encouragement that their cause is not “untouchable” within the context of American politics.