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Israelis Second-Guess Netanyahu’s Annexation Plans

[Opinion] While just how accurately a random Israeli or Palestinian is able to explain what annexation actually means in terms of facts on the ground remains an open question, those opposed to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s proposed action are absolutely certain that the annexation of any land at all will trigger violence that does not have to be. Equally passionate are a growing number of voices that in normal times would be automatically presumed to be solidly in the Netanyahu column, but in this topsy-turvy time of turmoil are counseling the prime minister to forego what by most counts would redefine the concept of Pyrrhic victory. In off-the-record conversations both in Israel and in the US, staunch supporters of the Israeli prime minister and the American president warn that pressing the White House to greenlight one of the most divisive issues in recent history while the Trump re-election bid becomes increasingly problematic and the coronavirus cases continue to spike would be an act of hubris unparalleled by those claiming to support a candidate. Indeed, the issue has become so toxic that hindsight would surely see the demand for a thumbs-up on annexation to be less appropriate than a simple “thank you” for the greatest pro-Israel largesse since President Truman recognized the Jewish state.