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Israel’s ‘Iron’ Interceptor Installed in Iran-Incensed Islamic Interior

Israeli officials have authorized the deployment of Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile systems by the United States in Gulf countries, the daily Haartz revealed Sunday. While sources did not specify where exactly the ground-to-air batteries would be stationed, security officials insisted the agreement given to Washington to place Israeli weaponry in the Gulf was not part of the Abraham Accords. Last month, Jerusalem completed the delivery of a second Iron Dome system to Washington, part of a deal signed last year between the two allies. Israel is also slated to begin outsourcing some of the system’s assembly line to the US, making it easier to sell the interceptors to other countries worldwide. In recent years, Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations, concerned by Iran and its proxies’ buildup, have reportedly expressed interest in purchasing the advanced system, developed by Israel in its efforts to protect border towns from rockets and missiles. Last week, just an hour before his successor’s inauguration, former President Donald Trump signed off on the massive arms deal with the United Arab Emirates announced in September, which includes up to 50 F-35 stealth multirole combat aircraft.