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Israel’s Return of Terrorists’ Bodies, Apparent False Promise in Court, Wreaks Anguish in Families of Missing Soldiers

The families of two Israeli soldiers who were killed during the 2014 “Protective Edge” incursion into the Gaza Strip and whose bodies continue to be held by Hamas have lashed out at the prime minister after it was announced that the bodies of two Palestinian terrorists who killed Israeli civilians were released to their families for burial. The matter of whether Israel should return terrorists’ bodies or keep them in numbered graves as has been the practice is the source of national debate and judicial opinions. But a great many citizens of a country where all sons and daughters are required to serve in the military (women have a national service option) believe it’s unconscionable to provide the families of terrorists the sense of closure that has been denied to two Israeli families for four years. The parents of Hadar Golding accused the Netanyahu government of lying to the family, the public and the High Court of Justice, noting that it told the court it during a hearing last week that it would implement a decision by the Cabinet that included not returning terrorists’ bodies, only to return the bodies a day later.