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Jerusalem Holds Controversial Gay Pride Parade

Upwards of 30,000 people will take to the streets of Jerusalem on Thursday in support of LGBT rights. The March for Pride and Tolerance parade has become an annual fixture in the holy city despite fierce opposition from some ultra-Orthodox Jews. In fact, about 300 individuals will hold a protest against the parade at a central square in the city. Earlier this week, police removed posters denouncing the LGBTQ community that had been plastered throughout Jerusalem. In the past, the event has been marred by violence, most notably in 2015 when an ultra-Orthodox man stabbed to death a teenage girl and injured five others taking part in the parade. Accordingly, 2,500 security personnel will be tasked with protecting marchers, including undercover agents positioned every 10 to 20 meters along the 1.5-kilometer route. The March for Pride and Tolerance comes on the backdrop of this week’s decision by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to appoint Likud Knesset Member Amir Ohana as Justice Minister, making him the first openly gay member of cabinet rank in Israel’s history.