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Jerusalem Stabbing Attack Thwarted By Passers-by

A Palestinian man tried to stab a Jewish worshiper in Jerusalem’s Old City on Tuesday night, just as the holy day of Yom Kippur was beginning. The attacker, a 26-year old from the village of Qalandiya, was shot and killed by police officers who noticed him as he charged toward his intended victim with a screwdriver in hand. The incident comes only two days after 45-year old Ari Fuld was stabbed to death by a 16-year old Palestinian youth in the Etzion Bloc south of Jerusalem and Bethlehem, and is the latest in the wave of so-called “lone-wolf” killings that have plagued Israel for the past two years. Police had ratcheted-up observation and security along the routes Jews typically use when going to and from the Old City where the Western Wall is located. Although Israeli authorities prevent Palestinians from the West Bank from entering the cities during religious holidays, police say the attacker in Tuesday’s incident had remained in Jerusalem illegally. In the Fuld killing, the teen reportedly had fought with his parents over attending school and left the family home determined to kill. His mother reportedly notified Israeli soldiers that her son was on a potentially lethal rampage but she apparently lacked sufficient information to prevent his action.