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Jordan’s King Threatens “Massive Conflict” with Israel if it Annexes Post-1967 Land

Jordan’s already shaky peace with Israel could become a cost of Jerusalem’s plans to annex land conquered by Israel in the 1967 war according to King Abdallah II. Speaking to Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine, the monarch declined to give examples of what he meant by the “massive conflict” he said will result from any annexation planned by the Jewish state. Prime Minister Netanyahu has promised to annex land upon which Israeli communities are located in the West Bank along with the Jordan Valley. Since 1967, any such community was governed by a series of laws with certain differences from laws promulgated for the rest of the nation. While the legalities seem slight, the principle on both sides is huge and allies are weighing with support for their respective positions. The European Union is discussing actions that go beyond issuing a condemnation, including economic sanctions. That, however, is unlikely because foreign policy decisions require unanimity among the 27-member states which is unlikely. In the United States, observers are looking for indications from both parties in Congress as to whether the upcoming election will blunt the overt criticism of Israel or the controversial move will open the flood gates of reproach feared by those committed to maintaining the bilateral support it has enjoyed with few exceptions. The Trump administration is seen as the driving force behind Netanyahu’s decision to “lend” the Palestinians $226.2 million followed by $141.3 million each month for six months – an agreement seen as “payment” for the planned annexation.