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Large Outpouring for Funeral of Journalist Killed During Gaza Protests

Hundreds attended the funeral of Gaza-based journalist Yasir Murtaja, 30, who died Friday night after being shot while covering the mass demonstrations along the Gaza-Israel border. Murtaja’s death has triggered countless protests from journalistic organizations and demands for transparent investigations into the circumstances of his death. The Israeli army, which is accused of killing Murtaja, has promised a complete probe while insisting it does not intentionally target reporters, a claim being challenged by images of the injured man lying on the ground in his “PRESS” vest. After being informed that Murtaja was known for using drones for aerial photography, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman in response admonished that anyone launching a drone above army troops is placing his own life in danger. Liberman also pointed to Hamas terrorists’ history of dressing as medical aid workers and driving ambulances. Meanwhile at Turtle Bay, the United Nations Security Council considered a statement offered by Kuwait “expressing sorrow over the deaths of innocent protesters.” As it had the week before, at odds with the presumption, the United States quashed the effort.