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Lebanese Reports say Farouk al-Sharaa Under Arrest with Other Defectors

Donia Al Watan electronic newspaper, Gaza – 31 October 2012

According to information that reached the Voice of Lebanon, a Lebanese radio station, former Syrian vice president Farouk al-Sharaa is under detention in Sadnaya prison and is being kept in the fourth wing on the second floor. Hussein Harmoush, a senior Syrian army officer who defected from the regime and is also reportedly being held in the prison, started a hunger strike more than a month and a half ago. Others detained in the same prison include Syrian artist Mohammad Oso and painter Naim al Sheikh, who was detained on charges of funding the revolution against Assad’s regime. The radio station quoted various sources as saying that a number of political and military leaders, including second- and third-class officers, are being held in the prison under maximum security conditions.