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Lebanon-based Terror Group Presses Psychological War vs. Israel

As concern grows that the stand-off between Israel and the Lebanon-based, Iranian-backed Hizbullah terrorist organization could morph into another shooting war, the Beirut group has again turned to psychological warfare in the form of video threats. Apparently seeking to unnerve Israeli soldiers with fear that the terrorist force can reach them on their military bases and even at the “Kirya” – the army general headquarters located in Tel Aviv. The written threat is couched in defensive terminology, warning “if you dare attack [Hizbullah] you will regret it.” It’s not seen as coincidental that Israel had just announced the escalation of tension in the form of a shipment of arms being sent directly from Tehran to Beirut rather than delivering the arms to Damascus before shipping overland to Hizbullah. The Syrians followed the reported weapons delivery with reports of shooting down an Israeli jet over Syria – a series of events denied by Jerusalem and indicative to some that the Israelis might have acted against the latest delivery. As matter of policy, Israel neither confirms nor denies such reports unless it has a strategic reason to do so.