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Lebanon War Report Published, Acrimony Begins

The report of the Winograd Commission into Israel’s domestic handling of the 2006 war in southern Lebanon has largely exonerated Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of direct blame for much of the incompetence revealed during and after the summer campaign against Hizbullah. However, the panel gave Hizbullah leader, Sayyid Hasan Na’srallah, considerable cause for glee by pointing out that Israel could not claim to have won the war. Israeli heads have rolled in the wake of the fighting – the most senior of which being those of defense minister at the time, Amir Peretz, and his military chief of staff, Dan Halutz. In the wake of the report’s publication it seems increasingly unlikely that the Labor Party will quit the government at the moment. Its leader, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, had warned that he would pull his party out of the cabinet if the document published damning evidence against Olmert. Many interested organizations and individuals are blaming one another for the poor showing in the fighting, leaving some army officials questioning how the entire saga will affect national morale.