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Libyan Peace Talks Underway in Morocco

Representatives of the two rival governments battling over Libya convened for peace talks in Morocco on Sunday, marking a first in the near decadelong civil war ravaging the country. The meeting, held between delegates of the Tripoli-based, UN-recognized Government of National Accord and the eastern government centered in the city of Tobruk, are preliminary to a larger summit which will be held in Switzerland later Monday and Tuesday. While still in its infancy, the fragile cease-fire announced two weeks ago by both sides seems to be holding up, despite the fact that the eastern government’s military arm, the self-styled Libyan National Army led by renegade general Khalifa Hafter, refused to accept the truce. Over the years, both sides to the bloody conflict have received assistance from abroad, with countries like Russia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates sending supplies, money and troops to aid the LNA while Turkish mercenaries have fought alongside GNA forces.